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The Master Key System, Part Three #16

This answers our question about how to get rid of fear. Until we trust enough to take the first step and try, we don’t know what we are capable of doing, being and having. Many times we don’t try something until we are forced to try. We limit ourselves when we don’t push ourselves. When […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 1 Intro

Today we start looking at Edwene’s book and discuss the introduction. We share our definitions of prosperity along with Edwene’s and we state the 4 laws again. We talk about our own spiritual paths and what has led us to this point. One reason we love this book is that it doesn’t matter what religion […]

21 Day Affirmation Challenge

We shape our experiences in life by what we choose to think. In order to gain more control over our lives, we must actively gain control of our thinking. One way to begin to change our thinking is through the use of affirmations. An affirmation is a positive statement of Truth. By repeating affirmations, we […]

The Master Key System, Part Three #15

When we were young, God and the devil were ‘painted’ as people which could be confusing as a child. The devil for Lizabeth was fear. She can replace the word devil for fear and vice versa. The word is interchangeable. It was no longer ‘good’ and ‘evil’, it is ‘good’ and ‘fear’. We don’t see […]

The Master Key System, Part Three #14

Fear is our enemy. We must get rid of fear. When we have fear, we feel it in our solar plexus. Confidence and courage make us feel bigger because our solar plexus expands. Fear causes us to shrink. We discuss how we have faced and gotten rid of fear in the past. What fears do […]

The Master Key System, Part Three #13

All we have to do is let our light shine. How do we do that? Just by being ourselves. We spend so much time and energy trying to hide our true selves, when, in reality, we would be much better off just being our true, authentic self and letting our lights shine. It’s as if […]

The Master Key System, Part Three #12

Our conscious thought is the master of the subconscious mind. We have trouble figuring out why he uses the same statement three different times with different words – nature, character and quality. The way we think will determine how our subconscious works. Good stuff in, good stuff out. Garbage in, garbage out. What we think […]

The Master Key System, Part 3 #11

We are powerhouses! Most of us are not aware that we carry around this kind of power. Our solar plexus, the center of energy, our direct connection to God contains all power, therefore we are more powerful than we ever imagined. Our inner world is more vast than our outer world and we are the […]

The Master Key System, Part Three #10

The Solar Plexus is where we are connected to Divine Source. God is in the uncreated form until we call on it to manifest. The energy of God was there until I was created to express it. We have the possibility to create anything – all that power is inside of us. Please add your […]

The Master Key System Part Three #9

We have to address all three areas if we are going to make lasting change. We need the energy to support all three areas: physical, mental and environment. The solar plexus must be allowed to radiate as intended. Shutting off this energy causes damage to each of these areas. Please add your comments below so […]