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The Master Key System, Part Two #15

The conscious mind is where we take in all the information to make a choice. The subconscious is our ‘database’ of information where our experiences and thoughts are stored. The subconscious mind is what happens automatically unless it is overridden or controlled by the conscious mind. The conscious and subconscious mind depend on each other. […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 12, Lesson 8

It’s not a matter of treating the symptoms any more, but we have to call on a power larger than ourselves. We have to surrender everything to God. It’s not something we can do on our own. Our excess body fat shows that something is out of balance in our inner world. When we work […]

The Master Key System, Part Two #14

All information comes in through our conscious mind. What lives in the subconscious mind can make a false judgement without the input from the conscious mind. Cindy uses the example of the elephants who have been trained with bad information – or information that is no longer true when they are adults. They let their […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 11 Lesson 7

This lesson was much more enjoyable for each of us as we thanked our body for the service it has give us over the years. We asked our bodies for forgiveness and we forgave ourselves for treating our bodies the way we have treated them in the past. We have a new appreciation for our […]

The Master Key System, Part Two #13

Without the conscious mind, we couldn’t communicate with others. Our conscious mind controls what gets in and what gets out, therefore it is the gatekeeper or filter to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is also in charge of our choices. The conscious mind can override the subconscious mind with our choices. It totally controls […]

A Course in Weight Loss – Day 10 Lesson 6

This was a difficult lesson for Lizabeth. She realized that this is an addiction for her and it is going a lot deeper than she has been comfortable. This, in addition to the 10 day challenge, is making it really tough for her. Cindy isn’t having as much trouble. Things clicked for her with the […]

The Master Key System, Part Two #12

The conscious mind is very important. It ties us to this world. It does the reasoning and the thinking and the keeping me from getting hit by a car. We can train it to make choices and keeps us in communication with this world we live in. Without our conscious mind, which controls our five […]

The Master Key System, Part Two #11

We have to have an understanding of how both the conscious mind and unconscious mind work in order to work with them instead of against them. The conscious mind takes in information through the five senses and then allows us to communicate information back out while the subconscious mind works on the inside to process […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 9 – Lesson 5 Part 3

We are both feeling a little better about this lesson. We aren’t sure we are ‘done’ with it yet, but we have finished the exercise and have a few new insights. This is not an easy process for us. We talk about our experience shopping for our place settings that were suggested in the assignment. […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 8 – Lesson 5 Part 2

We decided we needed a break with this lesson to process this exercise a little more. We were beginning to get overwhelmed with the changes and this lesson brought up more emotion for Lizabeth. We felt Spirit is leading us to take more time on this one. Today, we decided to show you more of […]