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Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 32

Today, we are in somewhat of a minor panic. We have to admit that we just aren’t there yet. It shows that our trust is not as strong as we’d like yet. We discover that the panic is what holds the prosperity away from us because we freeze and don’t take the action we have […]

The Master Key System, Part One #32

We have the power within to do whatever we want to do and we are in control of that power. It is an exact science. God is not a moving target. There is an absolute law. We are either working with it or working against it. We have control over our actions. There isn’t someone […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 31

These statements are sinking into the knowing for us now. We are all special in some way. We are all unique expressions of God. How do you define lavishness now? Is it different from when we first started this plan? We discuss how the word has changed for us. This study has helped us appreciate […]

The Master Key System, Part One #31

Thoughts become things. We need to control our thinking so that we have desirable results. By the time a thought goes through all our filtering system, it doesn’t look like the original thought that comes from God. This book is helping us pull the spiritual together with the scientific. These studies are to help us […]

The Master Key System, Part One #30

This was another confusing one for us so we had to really break it down again. We are talking about the complete whole. All of God, all of us, everything in this whole world/Universe is contained within God. We are all all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere because we are a part of God. Every individual has this […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 30

My, my have things changed since we started this! Repetition seems to be the key. It drives it deep into the subconscious so that we don’t think about this. The activity of God is in constant activity even though we don’t see it. We are definitely manifesting things around us, but even so, our inner […]

The Master Key System, Part One #29

We have both a static mind and a dynamic mind – or potential energy and active energy. God is potential energy and we are the active energy. Two different phases of the same thing. Just as water has different states – liquid, frozen, and steam – so does energy – static or potential and dynamic […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 29

We don’t need anything else. We have God inside. This is our most favorite principle. We appreciate all comments, emails, tithes and participation in this Feeding Friend-zy. You are helping us to really understand and know these principles so that we can move them into our subconscious mind. Working together we can help raise the […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 28

In today’s video we share with our friend CC Veazey again. She has some really good insights about the ‘years the locusts have eaten’ and the ‘High Road to abundant prosperity’.We talk a lot about aging and the past. We also discuss how we can make up for lost time by changing our consciousness. We […]

The Master Key System, Part One #28

God needs us to express Himself. We can not exist without God. God is potential energy. We are dynamic energy that expresses God.Lizabeth uses the analogy of a soap bubble. The jury is still out on how good this analogy really is. I had a lot of fun with it regardless. What do you think? […]