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Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 1

God is lavish abundance individualized as me. The Real Me. Today, we talk about the big “R” Reality vs. the little “r” reality. We talk about God’s rich, unfailing abundance and what it means to us. We hope you will join in the discussion below in the comment section underneath the video. You will notice […]

The Master Key System, Part One #1

When we see that we have much, it increases. When we see that we have little, it decreases. It’s a matter of perspective. I was reminded of the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. The slave who received two talents and the slave who received 5 talents both saw that they got something and […]

The 40 Day Prosperity Plan Feeding Friend-zy Introduction

We will be starting The 40 Day Prosperity Plan as a Feeding Friend-zy so that we can get your input this time around. Please join us January 1, 2014 for Day 1 of the Feeding Friend-zy. We will post a short video each day and we invite you to discuss the reading for the day […]

The Master Key System Feeding Friend-zy Introduction

I told you about the Feeding Friend-zies that we are going to start here. Our first Feeding Friend-zy will be a study of The Master Key System by Charles Haanel. I first heard about this book several years ago. I bought the book and tried to go through the lessons on my own. I even […]

Dealing with our Triggers

Most of us have had bad things happen in our lives. Or we’ve at least had the wrong ‘programs’ engraved in our minds. We have picked up patterns that don’t serve us. We often run across something that triggers that program to run inside our head. Many times, we don’t even realize that the trigger […]

How to Make the Changes You Want in Your Life

I’m trying to make some lasting changes in my life. I want to lose weight, have more time freedom, and more financial freedom. These things take time. I can’t make the changes overnight, but waiting is not my strong point. I’m convinced that the way to lasting change is measurement and management. I must have […]

What Do You Need?

I was reminded a couple of days ago that the emotion of NEED is based in fear. On the other hand, a DESIRE is not based in fear. When I need something desperately, I’m producing an emotion and frequency of fear which actually pushes the thing further away. I remember that I always have problems […]

Are You Still Dreaming?

What’s your dream? Or have you given up on dreaming? I remember the story of baby circus elephants who are tethered to large stakes. The baby elephant tries and tries to get away from the stake, but can’t. He keeps on trying but still can’t. Eventually, he gives up and even though the elephant grows […]

Feeding Friend-zy’s – A Group Study Effort

We enjoyed the 40 Day Prosperity Plan SO much that we wanted to start another. As we progressed through the 40 day plan, we encouraged many of our friends to study with us. Some of them said that they started, but quit. Others said they did the plan, but found it hard to do alone. […]

Managing our Money: The Bucket List

I’ve heard lots of free-lancer’s like me discuss how difficult it can be to manage your money when you don’t have a steady paycheck. I mentioned our bucket list here. I also wrote an article about how I manage my money here. During the 40 Day Prosperity Plan, we started paying more attention to the […]