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Who is Pushing Your Buttons?

As a web developer, I make lots of buttons. I am in charge of my buttons. I can make them any color I want.   Or any shape I want or any size I want. I can make them do anything I want.   I am in charge of my buttons. You get that? I […]

Feeling Prosperous: It’s the Little Things

What makes you feel prosperous? Edwene always says that we won’t be prosperous until we FEEL prosperous. She tells the story in her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance, about buying olives stuffed with almonds at the grocery store which blew her food budget at the time. The […]

Forty Day Prosperity Update

Yesterday, Lizabeth (and I) received a card from John Randolph Price. It was a thank you note because we had sent him a tithe for the way he has fed us through the 40 Day Prosperity Plan. I can’t tell you how great that made us feel. We have never met the man and yet, […]

Join the New Era of Consciousness Education!

Our friends at Creative Principles will begin classes Monday, October 28, 2013. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them on their website. They are wonderful, inspiring, creative, extremely knowledgeable instructors with lots of wisdom to share. You won’t be disappointed. Check out classes by Rev Dr. David Ault, Master Teacher Munishwarji, and Tracey Owens, […]

Serving for the Joy of Serving and Prosperity

Charles Fillmore in his book Prosperity talks about us ‘serving for the joy of serving.’ I’ve read that many times but never really understood it until recently. Or at least I didn’t understand how it related to prosperity. Or at least my own prosperity. Today, after continuing to work the 40 day prosperity plan by […]

What are You Trading Your Life For?

We are headed back to Edwene Gaines Retreat center in Valley Head, Alabama today for another great retreat weekend. It won’t only be fun for us. Many of the attendees are friends, but they are also clients. I really do think of them more as friends whom I get the opportunity to serve instead of […]

Tips for Better Clarity with the 40 Day Prosperity Plan: What’s Your Definition of God?

I am really enjoying this 40 Day Prosperity Plan that Lizabeth and I are on. It’s one of the highlights of my morning (along with my coffee). We read it and discuss it, tearing each sentence a part to try and get new insight and a better understanding of exactly what John Randolph Price was […]

Add Our Quotes to Your Facebook Page

Do you manage a Facebook page? Would you like to generate random quotes for that Facebook page? Well, now you can! I’ve fixed our random quote generator so that it will post random quotes on your facebook page. Just go here and enter your facebook page ID. You can get this id by going to […]

Failing Forward to Prosperity

John C. Maxwell has a book out by this name – ‘Failing Forward’. I read it several years ago. It helped me to understand ‘failure’ better. My dictionary gives me three definitions for failure: 1) lack of success, 2) the omission of expected or required action, or 3) the action or state of not functioning. […]

What Makes You Happy?

Something Lizabeth and I started a while back is a daily gratitude list. We know, and have experienced first hand, how verbalizing our list of gratitudes… things we are thankful for… each day helps to get us in a more prosperous frame of mind. We usually take turns, in a round-robin fashion, shouting out what […]