Archives for July 2012

True Love

Love is the key to a prosperous life.  When you get so filled up with love, it will spill onto everyone around you.  Love is the best and most powerful energy in the universe and when it spills over, the old saying about the love bug biting…  Well, there’s truth in that old saying. When […]

Do You Use Vision Boards?

Vision Boards, sometimes called Treasure Maps, are visuals that help us to realize our dreams and goals.  Our mind works with pictures.  The things we see on a daily basis create our reality.  When we keep images and pictures in front of us, they become a reality.  Many people who are serious about creating their […]

Allowing Love, Insights From A Retreat

I spent another exciting weekend at Edwene Gaine’s retreat this past weekend.  The topic was ‘Goals, Dreams and Visions’.  Now that I’ve had some time to process what came up for me over the weekend, I wanted to share it with you.  Hopefully, anyone who seems to have some of these same issues will benefit […]