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Bad Day or Good Day? I Choose Good.

I had a busy weekend.  Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, road trip to take my son’s girlfriend home, birthday parties, and my usual weekend chores.  I wrote a beautiful post for you yesterday but for some reason, it didn’t save and I lost it all.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, but it […]

Unexpected Blessings

Every since I started tithing, I’ve started receiving unexpected checks in the mail.  Yesterday I received another.  Thank You God!  But, yesterday’s was a little different. Yesterday’s check was from someone who said I was instrumental in her being fed spiritual food.  What a true blessing!  Not so much the money, although that is EXTREMELY […]

My Piece of the Pie

I have this old program in my head that I don’t run as often as I used to, but it’s still there.  It pops it’s ugly head up every once in a while, just to let me know it’s still around.  I bonk it back down and go on.  I would like to get rid […]

Giving Myself Permission

I was listening to Edwene Gaines on the radio yesterday.  I heard her say that when she finally gave herself permission to do what she really wanted to do, which was lay at the beach, she got really bored after a couple of days.  I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember her exact words.  The part […]

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I want to get something straight up front on this blog.  When I say anything of importance, it’s definitely not my idea.  I have learned from the best teachers.   And even when my stuff is original and of any importance, I must give all credit to God alone. Most of my prosperity wisdom comes from […]

What Really Matters?

Days like today can be scary.  Or they can be fun.  It all depends on where I put my attention. I spent six hours driving to and from Memphis to pick up my son’s girlfriend so that they could be spend some time together this week.  I love doing that. I love seeing my kids […]

Our Prosperous Life

My life works.  I am living my dreams.  The life I am living is exactly what I wanted six months or a year ago.  Am I happy?  Yes.  Am I comfortable?  No.  Why not?  Because the more my dreams come true, the bigger my new dreams get.  And that’s a good thing. The trick is […]