13 Ways to Be More Prosperous in 2014

Money in pocketOur mission is to help you be more prosperous this year. We are doing all we can to help make that happen.

We want to help you increase your prosperity consciousness and have created a couple of Feeding Friendzy’s to help make that happen. In addition, we want to provide you with useful tools and ideas to help you become more profitable. To help you get started, we decided to give you a list of 13 ways you can be more prosperous in 2014.

Of course, the best, and really the ONLY way to increase your prosperity is to increase your prosperity consciousness. Practical tools and ideas will only work if your consciousness is where it should be first. Been there, done that, learned the hard way.

You may recognize the Four Spiritual Laws outlined in Edwene Gaine’s book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, included on our list. We live faithfully by those laws. They have changed our lives. We have added some of the other things we’ve learned on our journey.

  1. Trust God as your Source. God truly is your Source. Your paycheck is NOT your source. Nor is your employer, nor your clients, nor your Mom. Only God. Not the lottery, or an inheritance, or the government. Only God. This takes more than just SAYING you trust God, it means truly believing and ACTING as if you believe it. This one thing will help you more than any other on the list. When you start to panic about money, just say to yourself, “God is my Source.” And mean it. I often add, “I don’t know how it will come or where it will come from, but I know that God will get it here one way or the other, that’s His job, not mine. Mine is to trust that He is my only Source.” I put the ball in His court.
  2. Tithe. Tithe. Tithe. Did I mention Tithing? Giving one tenth of all your income to the person, place or organization that Spiritually feeds you is a MUST if you want to become more prosperous. This may or may not be your Church. This does not include giving to charities or other well-intended organizations. This tenth of your income should go only to those people or organizations who feed your soul. This should be given to those who remind you who you really are, those who help you grow and those who empower you. When you give to need, you will create more need, so the tithe is not given to those who NEED it, only those who inspire and feed you. This one act, done without fail, will bring you more prosperity than you can imagine.
  3. Forgive daily. This is a most important step in prosperity. We can not live a prosperous life if we can’t forgive. We must forgive others AND ourselves or we will cut off our prosperity. Unforgiveness pushes things (energy) away instead of allowing them into our lives. We want Energy coming into our lives. We want to bring more stuff in instead of build walls or push away. Forgiveness is the key. We are building tools to help you with your forgiveness work in 2014. We will keep you posted on our progress.
  4. Join a study group or one of our Feeding Friend-zy’s to help build your prosperity consciousness. We have two new studies for 2014 for you to join: 1) The 40 Day Prosperity Plan Feeding Friend-zy and 2) The Master Key System Feeding Friend-zy. These include daily emails and videos to help you grow. They will keep prosperity in the forefront of your mind and allow you to share with us in your journey. We always learn more when we share with a friend. We want to learn from you, so we are starting the conversations in hopes that others will join in and teach us. The best way to learn is to teach, so come teach us please!
  5. Dream BIG and share your dreams! Sharing your dream with someone who cares can help you become more clear about your dream and make it more real in your mind. When you can communicate that dream well, then you have a pretty clear picture. Visualizing that dream can make it manifest more quickly. You must visualize the dream to communicate it to someone else. The spoken word has magic in it. When you verbalize your dream and put it out there, the Universe – God – your Higher Power – begins to start working on that dream. Everything just seems to fall into place. The right people and resources just seem to magically appear. Please share your dreams with us so that we can visualize that for you as well. If you want, you can share your dream here at our site so that anyone who passes by can see that happening for you too. We will also help remind you of your dream to keep it fresh in your mind.
  6. Clarify your life purpose. When you know what your divine purpose is here on this Earth, you can live more on-purpose and choose to do the things that really matter and are more fulfilling. Once you know your purpose, your life will have more direction and things will start falling into place. What are your interests and desires? Are you doing those kinds of things or are you spending your valuable time doing things you don’t enjoy doing? Life is too short to spend any time doing anything you don’t truly enjoy doing. If you are doing something you don’t enjoy, you are stealing someone else’s job. Life is so much more fun when we KNOW what we enjoy doing and we spend our time doing THAT.
  7. Set goals! When you know your divine purpose, it becomes easier to set your goals. What’s your vision? What’s your mission? What’s your plan? This doesn’t mean that your plan won’t change or that your vision won’t be redefined and clarified as you go, but knowing what you want and how you want to accomplish it gives you direction and allows you to take the first step. Once we take that first step, the Universe jumps in behind us and makes things happen that we didn’t know were possible. Setting a goal and then taking the first step is the best thing you can do in any situation. You are the creator of your life. Take charge and step into your power by setting some goals! We want to help you set those goals and are building a goal setting tool which should be ready for you later this year. Stay tuned! But, in the meantime, get out a piece of paper and start setting those goals!
  8. Create better habits. Our habits are what actually create our life. Our reaction is our reality. Our reaction comes from our habits. What we do on a habitual basis defines our life. When we build bad habits, our life is not as joyful and fulfilling. Building good habits, on the other hand, will help you create a fun, joy-filled life that allows you to take inspired action. To help you create better habits, we are building some tools that will help you stay focused on the things that really matter in your life. Come back to Our Prosperous Life often to find out more about those tools. In the meantime, start noticing what you do on a habitual basis. What are your habits around money? What habits have you formed around your time? Are they working for or against you? Be aware of your habits and decide whether they are serving you or not. Let replace those that aren’t with new habits that will bring you more prosperity!
  9. Manage your time better. This really means that you must manage yourself better. You can’t really manage time, only what you do within that time. When you become more conscious of your actions and where you are spending your time, you begin to live more ‘on purpose’. You become a more deliberate creator of your life. You can choose more actions that will help you reach your goals. We are building a tiMe Management system at more-than-enough-time.com to help you balance your life and manage yourself within your time better. We hope to have the site up and working for you within the next month or two. We will keep you posted here at Our Prosperous Life.
  10. Manage your money better. Those who are faithful in small things will be given more, bigger things to manage. If we want our money to increase then we must manage the money we have now. This means being aware of what’s coming in, what’s going out, where it’s going, how much is available, what bills are coming up, and what debts we have. When we can be good stewards of what we have now, more will sometimes mysteriously appear. What we focus on grows. Focus on your finances. We are building a tool at More-Than-Enough-Money.com to help you manage your money. We call our money management system The Bucket List because we have Buckets for different categories. Each bucket gets a certain percentage of our income and can only be used for that purpose. It’s working very well for us, so we want to share it with you. We hope to have this tool ready for you in the next 3 to 4 months. In the meantime, balance those checkbooks and trust God to help you get all your bills paid on time, every time. Pay attention to your money.
  11. Share your Happy list. We should have a daily gratitude list. I like to call it a happy list because the word gratitude can have some negative connotations for some people. Happy is a much more fun word. Thanks to my friend Heather for pointing that out. Again, we are building a tool to give you a platform to share your happy list with all of us here. It will also help to remind you to make a happy list EVERY day.
  12. Start your own business. It’s never been easier to start your own business. With the internet, you can market to the WORLD from your home. Even if you start part-time from your kitchen table, you already have all the tools you need to start your own business. It can be very inexpensive and easy. Wouldn’t it be fun to do what you love every day AND generate income at the same time? We can help with that. We are both small business coaches and we help people start their own businesses every day. We help them learn everything they need to learn and to build everything they need to build. We help them generate money from their dreams and ideas. We help them turn their passions into profits. We can help you too. We plan to add a lot of new tools to our prosperity toolbox around helping you build your own passion filled business and to help you share your message with the world!
  13. Sign up for our Newsletter. As you can see, we are SERIOUS about helping you become more prosperous this year. We want to help with not only your prosperity consciousness, but to provide you with ALL the tools you need to have a more prosperous year this year, and every year. Stay with us and you won’t have a choice but to live a more prosperous life.

2014 will be our best year EVER! We want it to be YOUR BEST YEAR EVER too!



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