Do You Want to be Wealthy?

Sometimes when talking about money and becoming wealthy, we get really uncomfortable. Why is that? Why are we often afraid to admit that we want money? Is it because we’ve heard that ‘money is the root of all evil’? Were we taught to think bad of people who had money? I was reading a book by Bob Proctor this morning, “You were Born Rich!” and he said that many of us would feel rather uncomfortable admitting that we want to be wealthy. He thinks we would immediately follow it up … [Continue Reading]

Weight Loss From the Inside/Out

Total: Down 53 lbs* Halfway there! *Start weight January 2017 - 225lbs (lost 10 lbs) *Began new program in Feb 2017 - 215 lbs I have finally found the plan that works for me! This has been a life long struggle but I have finally healed my wounds from the inside/out and the scale, my appetite and my attitude towards it are finally showing the change. I have spent most of my life battling my weight. I began putting it on as a child as a response to sexual abuse and I … [Continue Reading]

One of the Best Birthdays Ever!

Last Thursday (May 18) was my birthday! Lizabeth was determined to make it the best one yet. It was a very good day. She said I could do anything I wanted (within reason) and she would join me. My first decision was to get up at the crack of dawn, or as our kids used to call it, the butt-crack of dawn, to watch the sunrise. We are on the beach after all. Myrtle Beach, at that, where the sun rises over the ocean. Not many things as pretty as that in my book. Lizabeth is NOT an early … [Continue Reading]

How to Keep a Level Head While You Work in an RV

One of the very first things we did after moving into our RV was to replace the dining table and chairs with my desk and office chair so that I could work while on the road. There was always a lean to the left since the desk and chair were located in the slide out on the RV. I couldn't use a desk chair mat because I always rolled to the left. It was pretty annoying. I thought it leaned a little too much because there was a problem with the slide. I assumed it would be better once we … [Continue Reading]

And the tears wouldn’t stop…

Just days after we decided we could actually live our dreams and travel the country, a strange thing happened that neither of us could explain. We were excited. Or, rather, we WANTED to be excited. But, we weren't. Or maybe it was more like, we were excited, but we were afraid to show it. The excitement scared us. But, we weren't sure why. I seemed to be afraid that if I showed excitement, the things we had just manifested might all be taken away from us. Or I felt guilty for living … [Continue Reading]