Heading West – Our Road Trip to Salt Lake City, Utah

We are excited to be heading out west! Lizabeth’s brother will be getting married in a week or so in Salt Lake City, Utah and instead of flying, we have decided to pack the kids in the car and head west. It will take over 4,000 miles, almost 2 weeks, and a whole bottle of […]

Enjoying Our Time Freedom

We try to list the things we are grateful for each morning. We don’t always remember to do that, but we are making a commitment to doing that every day. This morning as I thought about the things I am most grateful for, one of those is our time freedom. I am SO thankful that […]

The Journey Begins…

We just got back from an amazing week in Valley Head Alabama, sitting at the feet of our mentor, Edwene Gaines. We are now Master Prosperity Teachers! We are making the commitment to teach the prosperity principles everywhere we go. So our real commitment is to live these principles and lead by example. Edwene’s 4 […]

Ready, Set… GO!

Are you ready for an adventure?  We are!  We are setting out in search of the prosperous life.  Not just prosperity in our finances but prosperity in all avenues.  We are convinced that this prosperity thing is about the equal exchange of energy and not about money alone.  We know that if we love enough, […]