Creating Your Dreams with Vision Boards

We use vision boards to help us realize our dreams. I’m such a firm believer in vision boards that I wrote an online vision board program and started a separate website back in 2007. You can build your own online vision board and use it for your desktop background or print it out here. You […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 7 Chapter 2 Tithing Questions

We have a very rich Father and He has our back. We need to be reminded of that often. What’s your safety net? Could you spend your plan B money like Edwene did? Do you have to hit rock bottom financially before you start succeeding? Many people do because they are focused on the lack […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 1 Intro

Today we start looking at Edwene’s book and discuss the introduction. We share our definitions of prosperity along with Edwene’s and we state the 4 laws again. We talk about our own spiritual paths and what has led us to this point. One reason we love this book is that it doesn’t matter what religion […]

Introduction to The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Feeding Friend-zy

We are excited about our new Feeding Friend-zy with Edwene Gaines’ book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance. Please sign up and join us for this study! We have both been long time followers of Edwene, spending time with her just about every month for the last couple of […]

A Course in Weight Loss Day 17 Lesson 10

We found this to be the easiest exercise in the book so far. We have already designed our lives to be the way we want them. We have some small tweaks to make to our day, but overall, we feel we are already there. We asked ourselves where we might add more love to our […]

There’s NO Shame in Starting Over!

When we as a group start something new there’s usually a pattern. There’s a LOT of enthusiasm in the beginning. We get all hyped up and excited about starting something new and working together as a whole. And as that excitement wears off, and life gets in the way, the group sort of dwindles. We […]

13 Ways to Be More Prosperous in 2014

Our mission is to help you be more prosperous this year. We are doing all we can to help make that happen. We want to help you increase your prosperity consciousness and have created a couple of Feeding Friendzy’s to help make that happen. In addition, we want to provide you with useful tools and […]

Dreaming To Live

I am ready to start a another year. I couldn’t always say that.  The approach of a new year usually brought a whole host of guilt and shame over what I hadn’t accomplished and how far I still had to go.  I was still living in the past and was afraid to look at the […]

How Our Life Has Changed Since Starting the Forty (40) Day Prosperity Plan

As I look back over the last several months since we started the Forty Day Prosperity Play by John Randolph Price, it’s easy to see that we have manifested more prosperity in our lives. You can read about some of those manifestations here. I also realize that it’s not just a coincidence. It’s a direct […]

Is Prosperity a Coincidence or Consciousness

A day or two after we wrote the last post about finishing the Forty Day Prosperity Plan, we received a rather large unexpected check in the mail. Was it directly related to our prosperity consciousness? Of course it was. Could many people mistake it for a coincidence? Yes, of course. At one point in my […]