The Master Key System Part Four 24

The only ceiling that we have is our imagination. As Spiritual beings, the more aware we become, the higher the work we are called to do. By working on our inner selves, it then ripples outward to affect our world. Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your […]

The Master Key System Part Four 23

Realizing that everything is spiritual in nature can help us know when something is ours to do and when it is time to let it go. Lizabeth talks about knowing that a project “is dead” when the energy or “spirit” leaves it and how it then becomes a burden to carry. Cindy adds that even […]

The Master Key System, Part 4 #22

When we are busy with our living our everyday lives, it is difficult to see the big picture. God cannot express through us if we are too busy to listen to the guidance that is being given. Our job is to pilot the ship but we need to listen to our navigator if we are […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #21

The Energy of God finds the route of least resistance. It is ever-flowing and radiating but with our resistance we restrict, or worse yet, cut off, the flow. In great tragedies we see an outpouring of love. This is where the Energy of God can reach the most people. This is where the Energy is […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #20

There is a cycle that we must honor. We can’t give if we don’t receive. We can’t receive if we don’t give. Do you get more joy from the giving or from the receiving? We find more joy in the giving. We are, however, learning to enjoy the energy in the receiving. We must become […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #19

God is in everything and everything is in God. We can’t separate God and science or Religion and science. God created the science. The Power behind the Eternal Energy is within man. What an awesome discovery! When was it discovered? Long ago, for it was discussed in the Bible. Why are we taught to separate […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #18

Even though this was written a long time ago, this is still a new idea. Maybe not as new an idea as it was back then, but some people still don’t think of God this way. We discuss the changes we’ve had to make in our own thinking to unlearn things that we were taught […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #17

The Infinite and Eternal Energy is God for us. We are always in this presence, everywhere, all the time, in every one. We often forget this when we are judging things. If we didn’t forget this, we wouldn’t worry about anything, ever. God is in the middle of everything, including our own selves. Everything that […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #16

These studies seem to pull the scientific and the spiritual together, which seems to make it make more sense to us. Most religions, in our experience, don’t seem to place the responsibility on ourselves. It’s hard to get control unless we look within. It’s easier for someone else to tell me where I’m going wrong […]

The Master Key System, Part Four #15

God is inside of us so it’s not a crazy idea to realize that when we control the inner world, we will have control over the outer world. God is on the inside. This body is where God shows up! Once we can get control of this vehicle, we can control where we want it […]