The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 42 Chapter 9 Integrity Continued

So how do we go about changing what we believe and continue to live in integrity? We need to live what we believe today, be open to change that comes and always looking for ways to grow. Change is an on-going process and life is a process of change. We can get stuck looking to […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 41 Chapter 9 Integrity

What does it mean to live in integrity? Integrity means to live in your Truth. It means to live what you say you believe, to do otherwise is not living in integrity. We spend years forming and wearing masks and it will take time to discard them. Living in integrity is a practice. How do […]

The Master Key System Part Four 26

Thoughts are carried on vibrations and we realize it when we notice that we are having the same thought or watching a room change with a single action. Thoughts become manifest when we focus on them. Have you ever tried to stop thinking about something and it continues to gnaw at you until you do […]

The Master Key System Part Four 25

Every part of life is a balance and if we over-do-it in any one area, we are out of balance. Even when we dream of a time of being able to do nothing but play, our lives would still be out of balance. Balancing our lives includes time in the Silence reconnecting with Source. Our […]

The Master Key System Part Four 24

The only ceiling that we have is our imagination. As Spiritual beings, the more aware we become, the higher the work we are called to do. By working on our inner selves, it then ripples outward to affect our world. Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 40 Chapter 9 Divine Purpose

How do you know when you have found your Divine Purpose? Finding your Divine Purpose, as Cindy says, “is when you fall in love with life.” Are you loving what you do? Ask yourself,”if I gave myself permission to do whatever I wanted to do, what would that be?” Sometimes we know what we want […]

The Master Key System Part Four 23

Realizing that everything is spiritual in nature can help us know when something is ours to do and when it is time to let it go. Lizabeth talks about knowing that a project “is dead” when the energy or “spirit” leaves it and how it then becomes a burden to carry. Cindy adds that even […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 39 Chapter 9 Divine Purpose

What is a Divine Purpose? A better question may be, ‘what are you here to do’? We all make an impact on the world. As Lizabeth puts it, “You can’t exist and NOT create a ripple.” Everyone has a Divine Purpose but not everyone is meant to be the next Ghandi. A Divine Purpose can […]

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 38 Chapter 8 Gratitude

Today we discuss gratitude. How do we say “Thank You” to God? Saying thank you and practicing gratitude are two different things. When we express our gratitude to God it has the ability to shift our moods, widen our perspectives and refocus our attitudes, if we will find the appreciation for it. We take so […]

The Master Key System, Part 4 #22

When we are busy with our living our everyday lives, it is difficult to see the big picture. God cannot express through us if we are too busy to listen to the guidance that is being given. Our job is to pilot the ship but we need to listen to our navigator if we are […]