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The Master Key System, Part One #27

We are all one. We have the same Mind. There is a collective consciousness. Our kids are hardwired when they are born. They know much more than we did when we were born. It’s the collective consciousness which furthers the human race. Even those who have mental disabilities have the same mind. Even those who […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 27

Today we talk a lot about alignment. We use a couple of analogies to help express our perceptions of being in alignment. it isn’t our job to make everything in the Universe work like it’s supposed to work. It’s works whether we are aware and in alignment or not. Our only job is to be […]

The Master Key System, Part One #26

We are all One, but we all have different experiences. It’s all a matter of perspective and we each a different perspective. We perceive things differently because we have different filters. We have emotional ties to things and people and experiences that make each thing and experience mean different things to us. One man’s junk […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 26

I finally got it! I finally got past my block with this principle on unfulfilled needs and desires! We have a really good discussion today about desires. Our dear friend CC Veazey joins us for part of the conversation today and really opens our eyes and gives us new ways to look at things. Desire […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 25

Today we discuss how we deal with the panic that often hits all of us with money. We also discuss how that’s changed over the last 25 days or so. We look at how are thinking has changed over the past couple of months. The moment we realize that God is our Source, we’ve wrapped […]

The Master Key System, Part One #25

It’s easy for me to think of God thinking because I still see Him as a man. But, when I think of God as Energy, it’s harder to think of Him/It thinking. I hadn’t consciously thought about God having a thought and it occurring in EACH of us. A very powerful thought. We are truly […]

The Master Key System, Part One #24

We aren’t so sure that everyone agrees about this, but we do. We agree that this One Principle or Consciousness is God. God is everywhere, in everything. God is the same everywhere. He isn’t stronger in some places more than others. He doesn’t change and he doesn’t move. Everything exists within God and God is […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 24

It’s Lizabeth’s time to have an ‘AHA’ moment. She realizes that she can take out the middle man – her Christ-Self – between her and God. Her Christ-Self IS God. She still felt a separateness from God that she didn’t realize. We still have our moments of panic, be we don’t worry about money like […]

Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 23

In today’s video we are discussing how WE are lavish abundance and how our definition of abundance has changed throughout this study. We want to treat money like air, where just don’t think about running out or worry about it. We take what we need and leave the rest. We don’t feel a lack. We […]

The Master Key System, Part One #23

The real secret is keeping the inner and outer worlds in balance. It’s hard for us to agree that the future is ‘entirely’ within our control We do see however the potential for the future to be within our control. The outside world does still affect our future, but not necessarily control it. We have […]