Buying a Travel Trailer

Our decision to buy a travel trailer as opposed to a Fifth wheel or a Class A or C motorhome was the best decision for us. I explained how and why we chose our truck, Bruce, in this article. Today, I want to explain why and how we chose our travel trailer, Opal. Why We Chose a Travel Trailer There are several reasons we chose a travel trailer instead of a fifth wheel or a motor home: Expense We looked into buying a motorhome and a small car to tow. It was going to cost us way more … [Continue Reading]

How We Chose Our Truck, Bruce

Choosing our truck, Bruce, was a very important part of our full-time RV decision. Once we decided to go with a travel trailer instead of a Class A or Class C RV, the question then became, how do we find the right vehicle to pull the RV? We thought we could just go get a big SUV and pull with that. The first SUV we looked at on the Nissan lot gave us big time sticker shock and lots of laughs from the salesmen when we told them what we wanted it for. Deciding on a TruckThey told us quickly … [Continue Reading]

R V Crazy?

We ask each other this question a lot: Are we crazy? Do we really want to LIVE in an RV full time? Our answer always comes back 'YES!' Other people probably think we are crazy. We don't care. Others may call us 'homeless'. We don't care. Living full time in an RV has been our dream since we met. We love to travel. Some of our best memories have been from our long road trips - and even our short ones. We love every minute of it. We love the freedom to go anywhere we want, … [Continue Reading]

Watching The Flash Flood Of Prosperity

According to the National Weather Service, a flash flood is defined as, "a flood caused by heavy or excessive rainfall in a short period of time, generally less than 6 hours. Flash floods are usually characterized by raging torrents after heavy rains that rip through river beds, urban streets, or mountain canyons sweeping everything before them. They can occur within minutes or a few hours of excessive rainfall. They can also occur even if no rain has fallen, for instance after a levee or dam … [Continue Reading]

What do You Really Want?

Do you know what you want? Do you? When we use the word 'want' we are usually thinking of something we don't have, so a better question is what do you truly desire? When I was asked what I want, I started immediately thinking of things I didn't have. When asked what I desired, I not only thought about things I didn't have YET, but I thought of things I already have. Sometimes I think that when we focus on what we 'want', we are focusing more on the lack of it than the desire for it. … [Continue Reading]

Is it Wrong to be Filthy Rich?

Heck NO! Well, maybe not the filthy part, but there's nothing wrong with being rich beyond your wildest imagination. I often hear my clients apologize for wanting to make lots of money with their website. They are afraid they will sound greedy. It's not greedy to want more money UNLESS you don't want anyone else to have it too. Making more money does NOT mean less money for the other person. Money is energy. The paper bills, checks, and credit cards we use to exchange that energy are … [Continue Reading]

Tell It To My Heart

I have the honor to play some type of "Mother Role" for 6 beautiful kids, though only 2 of them entered the world through me. The other 4 consider me to be a kind of "Bonus Mom" but it is the same in my eyes. I would give everything I have for any of them. They each have a piece of my heart and a connection to my soul. I have had the most memorable Mother's Day of my 15 years in the role. I had a disagreement with my youngest son 2 days prior, so I knew he would not be around. He lives with … [Continue Reading]

Running On Empty

I have come a long way in a short amount of time. I chock it up to the commitment I made to my own personal transformation. I wanted to transform myself into the person I wanted to be. I have learned over the past several years however, that it hasn't been a transformation. What I have been doing is uncovering the real me. I have been shedding the layers of protection, the layers of hurt and anger, the layers of comfort and the layers of unreal, to get to my core being. The true me lies inside, … [Continue Reading]

Creating Your Dreams with Vision Boards

We use vision boards to help us realize our dreams. I'm such a firm believer in vision boards that I wrote an online vision board program and started a separate website back in 2007. You can build your own online vision board and use it for your desktop background or print it out here. You can even upload your own pictures or find pictures from all over the web and upload them to your vision board on that site. I recently found a great place to download more vision board quality images for … [Continue Reading]

21 Day Affirmation Challenge

We shape our experiences in life by what we choose to think. In order to gain more control over our lives, we must actively gain control of our thinking. One way to begin to change our thinking is through the use of affirmations. An affirmation is a positive statement of Truth. By repeating affirmations, we keep our conscious thoughts on the Truth of who and what we are. Whether or not we subscribe to the belief in a Higher Power, everyone can benefit from the positive changes that the use … [Continue Reading]

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