Jumping Off the Deep End

Today's the day. Today we start the diet. It's a very strict diet - definitely not one for sissy's. If it's not lean meat or a low carb (usually green) vegetable, then we probably can't eat it. I know the diet works because I've done it before. I have faith in this diet and trust that it is a healthy plan. Some people will probably tell us that what we are doing is not healthy, but I'm here to tell you, what we were doing before was not healthy. This will be much healthier than our diet … [Continue Reading]

Mad. Just Mad.

I am mad. Just raging, throwing shit against a wall, stomping my feet, cuss someone out, crash the car, run over a hated appliance, smash something, spitting, mad. I am fighting with my weight once again and I hate it. I hate the process. I hate the reasons. I hate that it takes time and I have to suffer through it. I hate that I can't eat whatever I want and stay the size I carry in my head. So I'm mad. Just mad. I am mad that I have to unlearn how to hate the look of my body. I'm … [Continue Reading]

Downsizing – Moving Into an RV

We knew that moving into an RV would require us to get rid of a lot of things. In theory, this sounds easy. As a matter of fact, I was sort of looking forward to it. The clutter that I had created was wearing me out. I knew this, but I thought cleaning all that stuff out of the garage would wear me out even more. So, I left it. Who knows, I might need that stuff some day. As we prepared for the transition to mobile living we got rid of the first layer of 'stuff'. You know, the things we … [Continue Reading]

Buying a Travel Trailer

Our decision to buy a travel trailer as opposed to a Fifth wheel or a Class A or C motorhome was the best decision for us. I explained how and why we chose our truck, Bruce, in this article. Today, I want to explain why and how we chose our travel trailer, Opal. Why We Chose a Travel Trailer There are several reasons we chose a travel trailer instead of a fifth wheel or a motor home: Expense We looked into buying a motorhome and a small car to tow. It was going to cost us way more … [Continue Reading]

How We Chose Our Truck, Bruce

Choosing our truck, Bruce, was a very important part of our full-time RV decision. Once we decided to go with a travel trailer instead of a Class A or Class C RV, the question then became, how do we find the right vehicle to pull the RV? We thought we could just go get a big SUV and pull with that. The first SUV we looked at on the Nissan lot gave us big time sticker shock and lots of laughs from the salesmen when we told them what we wanted it for. Deciding on a TruckThey told us quickly … [Continue Reading]